Acoustic guitar neck repair


Scale Length: 25.3” Neck Wood: Mahogany Neck Shape: Wide Fat Fretboard Wood: Ebony w/ Curly Maple Binding Fretboard Radius: 11.81" Nut: Bone Bridge: Ebony Pickup: PRS-Voiced Fishman Sonitone Pickup Body Depth at Neck Block: 3 19/32” Body Depth at Tail Block: 4 3/8” Neck Depth At The Nut: 7/8” Width of Fretboard at the Body: 2 9/32". Web.

Soft Foam Guitar Repair Neck Rest- Two Heights $14.95 Double Sided fret crowning file $7.95 Aluminum Fret Levelling tool with Extra Sanding Sheets $19.95 45 Degree Fret End angle file tool $14.95 Set of Fret Radius Gauges- perfect for setting guitar action. $9.95 Budget complete fret dressing Kit $9.95 Cork Lined guitar neck rest $14.95.




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Because most acoustic guitars are glued in place, the cost to replace an un-repairable neck is usually prohibitive on less expensive instruments. A neck fitting on an instrument with a glued in dovetail and the cost of the replacement neck can easily run up a bill of $500 to $800 or more depending on the manufacturers pricing of the neck itself.